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Join the million laugh movement!

The thing about laughter is that it is truly universal and hearing a laugh inevitably makes you share your own. And the world really needs more laughter these days. So let's Laugh Out Loud together.

Included with our Virtual VONK play pack are a series of LOLicons to print and color, or maybe to spark you to design your own. Think about your laugh - what does it look like? We thought of laughter as sound and color and shape and the infinite combinations they can provide. We envisioned these LOLicons like a player profile or avatar badge to wear while playing VONK but really they can be for whatever your imagination dreams up. 

What do you think your laugh looks like?

Is it short and bright and spiky?
Or perhaps it rises and falls like a wave?
Maybe it's round and full and mellow.

Our laughs are uniquely ours and they change to suit the occasion and the laugh-sparking moment. 


When we first started working on VONK, a pre-social play platform for kids, we spent a lot of time thinking about how play and laughter connect us. As part of VONK 1.0 we worked with the smart folks at Reality Analytics to start to develop our LOLicon generator - taking the pitch and form of your laugh and matching it to color and shape. We wanted to bring the spark of that idea to this iteration of VONK. 

LOLicon How-To

You can get started by printing out the LOLicon pages and having your kids select, cut-out and color the image that they feel best represents their unique laugh.  Laughs can definitely change, so the LOLicon is the one that represents you today. Tomorrow your laugh may feel and sound different! 


You can attach your LOLicon to a paper headband or  tape or pin to your shirt to wear while you play VONK. For a headband, cut out two 1" wide bands from the long side of standard white or colored construction paper and attach the bands into a circle to fit using glue, tape or a stapler. Attach the LOLicon badge.  

(If you or your kids design an original LOLicon, please send it to us at! We would love to share them.)

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