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VONK Reactions

Play is Social 


VONK is all about fun, imagination and play! It is also about the current necessity of relying on screen-time to safely stay connected to friends and loved ones. 


Reactions are free printables that can be used as "Likes" to share reactions to a friend's VONK in real time during a virtual playdate. Sharing Reactions adds another fun level of engagement to the VONK challenges by offering kids positive feedback to their play. 

"I Declare this VONK..."


With Reactions, kids get to determine their own versions of "Likes" that even at a pre-social-media age, they are familiar with. We think of VONK like training wheels for social media. It can help kids safely understand the impact their virtual input has on someone else's experience.


VONK Reactions encourage positive feedback so that while kids play seamlessly between the real and virtual world, they experience how to be responsible and safe digital citizens before careening off into the world of adult social media. 

Reactions How-To

You can get started by printing out the Reaction pages and having your kids  cut-out and color the different Reactions - Silly, Brainy, Fuzzy, Creative, Cool and more.   


Glue each Reaction to a craft popsicle stick, or chopstick, or tape to a pen. When a player has completed a challenge, another player can share their Reaction by saying "I declare your VONK..." and showing the Reaction they chose. They can even share Reactions to their own play.  Repeat and have fun!

(If you or your kids design an original Reaction, please send it to us at! We would love to share them.)

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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